About Jimmey

Owner / Lead Designer / Developer

One of the great joys of having a home office is the freedom to watch my daughter play while I work. She stops periodically to peek over the table to see what I’m doing as if she’s thinking, “Are you watching Winnie the Pooh without me?!” She’s a terrific encouragement and a wonderful distraction when I’m trying to get my work done.

I’ve been at this over ten years now. Being a digital designer isn’t always rainbows and puppy dogs, but I sure do get a lot of satisfaction out of the creative process. I love to make things look nice and I love to solve problems. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not gonna be a famous chef, so I’ll just keep cooking for friends and work on building my design skills and business.

About Our Extended Network Of Professionals

Design LeBlanc intends to stay a small, close team that doesn’t get too busy for God, family, friends and clients. With that goal in mind we reach out to friends with complementary skills that can help us get the job done well. We’ll always let you know up front what our strengths and weaknesses are and who we might call in to help on your project.


About Jazmine

Administrator / Assistant Designer

There’s lots to say about Jazmine and it’s all good. Just when you think there’s a giant sink hole that opened up in front of you and you can’t possibly move forward she finds a way. She’s a constant source of motivation and administrative support. She has this amazing ability to cut through all the junk to get to the heart of the matter. A very valuable quality.

On top of all the uplifting and encouraging things that could be said about her she’s a crafting extraordinaire. Just check out her Artisan LeBlanc Etsy shop and see for yourself. Go ahead and buy a gift for a loved one while you’re at it.


About Amelia

Creative Inspiration Expert


About Astrid

Recreational Assistant