Logo / Identity / Brand

A well designed logo speaks volumes about you. It says you care, you’re passionate, you appreciate quality and can even communicate trustworthiness.

Simply put, your logo is a visual representation (icon) of your business or organization. Over time this icon can take on a life of sorts as it becomes associated with aspects of people’s lives and takes on more meaning and emotion. This is the heart of what your Brand is. It’s building positive associations in the community using your logo and other materials to spread your good name. Everything you put into this goal is your Identity. Making a good name for yourself, having an appealing logo, attractive print materials, a beautiful website are all aspects of identity that build a strong brand. Start building your brand. Freshen up you’re dated logo.

Some Great Reasons To Contact Us

  • You need to revamp your tired logo
  • You need a new logo built from scratch
  • You need to make your existing logo more versatile
  • You need to make your brand more cohesive

Print / Marketing Materials

Some were afraid as the internet grew that print marketing materials would die off. Print is definitely alive and well and a valuable investment if done well.

Although it’s true that a lot can be accomplished with just a website and a few business cards, don’t underestimate the benefit of some well thought out and designed printed materials like brochures, pamphlets and banners.

Doesn’t my website tell people everything they need to know? It’s true that a website is a digital brochure in a way, but there are still many occasions where a well designed brochure is very valuable. We haven’t quite reached a point where computers are everywhere. There’s a connection made when someone can hold a physical object in their hands, smell the fresh ink, look it over and even fold it up and stick it in their pocket. The physical interaction makes a lasting impression.

Some Great Reasons To Contact Us

  • You’re considering some brochures
  • You just realized rack cards are a thing
  • You don’t have any business cards
  • You have a magazine in mind for an ad

Website / Social Media / Blog

Having a well designed website speaks volumes about you and your business. Imagine walking into a restaurant that has old grungy, sticky carpet on the floor. Wouldn’t you be tempted to turn around and walk right out? In today’s market a website is that exact kind of situation.

Stop throwing away opportunities to sell a great first impression. Many people see an older website and jump to conclusions that the business or organization is no longer around or isn’t worth their time and money.

Some Great Reasons To Contact Us

  • You’d like your site to have a WordPress CMS
  • You want access to a blog
  • Having a custom design appeals to you
  • You want a responsive site for mobile devices
  • You use social media and want website integration

Copywriting / Content Strategy / SEO

We can work wonders with the results of writer’s block and a point-n-shoot camera.

What’s a website without words and pictures? Not much. No project, web or print, is complete without content. You may not know where to begin writing the copy for your brochure or a page on your website and you might only have some mediocre images that need some Photoshop love. That’s where we come in. Never sacrifice flashy looks for solid content.

Some Great Reasons To Contact Us

  • You have no content for your project
  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You want your project to be attractive visually and verbally

Illustration / Posters / Book Covers / CD

In addition to your website and CD booklet you may need a poster to advertise an event. Or, you might be a writer who needs some cover art for your newest book.

I always appreciate a chance to break out my paints and play. I enjoy all the technical sides of what I do, but what got me into design was a love for art. It’s a nice break to have something purely creative to work on. I don’t think I need to sell you on the importance of any of these things. Beautiful book covers and illustrations sell books. Beautiful posters and cover art sell music and events.

Some Great Reasons To Contact Us

  • You need some cover art for your new book
  • You’ve got a new album coming out and need an album cover
  • You need to advertise an event on a large scale


  • Ministries
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Non-Profit
  • Small Businesses
  • artist-client relationship & true collaboration