Project Description

This was a very enjoyable project to work on. We began by taking a tour of the museum to gather inspiration and photography. Immediately the quirkiness of the place was exciting and got my gears turning. The iconic tower, the area’s connection to the mysterious Edgar Cayce, the historical buildings and the unusual exhibits all played a part in the final design.

I was initially charged with adapting their red tower as an icon for their logo. I enjoyed the challenge of boiling the image down and making the awkward shape of the tower work as a logo. I’m really happy with the final product. It seems to fit them very well and ended up being pretty versatile.

I think the biggest challenge on this project was trying to harness all the possible directions it could have gone in. It’s a museum where exhibits can change and will change over time. It was important to design a website that allowed for that and would create interest in the community. I wasn’t just designing a website to match their identity, I was creating an entire identity for them – one that showed them in the best possible light and allowed for growth. The overall goal, I think, was to create a full marketing package that not only the client would be happy with, but that the community would look at and feel proud of – that it was theirs too to show off. The client was so great and open to letting us be creative that all the pieces just came together.